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what to expect

Do I need to be a Christian believer to come along?

Not at all. Whoever you are, and whatever you do or do not believe you are so welcome to come, and to participate as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. 

What about parking?

There's plenty of free parking at the church.

What should I wear?

Whatever you feel comfortable with. Some folk dress smart while others dress very casual. It's really up to you.

What about my young children?

We really love having young children at our services. For the youngest we have a creche available throughout the service. For those slightly older we have a 5 minute fun and interactive children's talk during the service, and the children are welcome to come up to the front for this. Just before the sermon until the end of the service, the children have Sunday school classes for them to have fun and learn in an age-appropriate setting. Our team of Sunday school leaders are fantastic with children, and have each undergone all the relevant safeguarding checks. After the service, the children have plenty of space to run around and play together. Once every two months we have a child-friendly, all-age service lasting one hour, where the children stay in the main gathering for the whole service. 

How long does the service last?

The services tend to last around an hour and a half. Our music group lead us in song, there are prayers, and a Bible reading. We listen to God's word preached, before celebrating communion each week. Afterwards you are most welcome to stay and chat over a cup of tea or coffee. 

Will I be expected to give money?

No. It is free to come to church! The church is funded through the gifts of its regular members and we do not expect our guests to contribute.

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