We believe the Gospel to be for all people groups, and in accordance with Acts 1:8 we seek to tell people about the good news of Jesus to the ends of the Earth. The church has always been passionate about outreach both at home and overseas. As well as reaching out into our local community through our various groups, we actively support a number of missionaries.

Melvin & Sharon Kelly (Mozambique)

Melvin joined the Mozambique OMS team in April 2004, where he spent almost three years overseeing construction projects, including the Maputo Bible Seminary. When Melvin and Sharon got married in August 2007, they began seeking God's will for the future. As a couple, they spent three and a half months in Mozambique from August to December 2008. Melvin & Sharon felt God leading them to return to train and empower the Mozambican Churches as they establish strategic sustainable ministries, reaching out into their communities with the transforming power of the Gospel. They work closely with the Maputo Bible Seminary to facilitate ministry placements and bi-vocational training for the students. Melvin and Sharon also helped set up Girassol, a charity shop in Antrim that supports the ministry out in Mozambique. Melvin and Sharon have four children, Abigail, Joshua, Noah and Lydia. They began their ministry in Mozambique in September 2010. Melvin and Sharon's, Blog

Philip & Rachel Moore (France)

Philip is married to Rachel and they have five children. In 2006 Philip moved to France to pastor a church in Lagny-sur-Marne, east of Paris. He is involved in bible teaching and reaching out into the community through various courses such as ‘A la Bonne Franquette‘ (like ‘Food for Thought’ - a series of evenings to get to know the church, its people and their faith). Rachel is also involved in the ministry, as well as looking after their children Julia, Anna, Abigail, Theo and Zoë.
The Moore's Church Website
The Moores

Andrew & Rosalia Elliott (Spain)

Andrew and Rosalia began working with Baptist Missions in 2006. Both Andrew and Rosalia are involved in working with the Renacer (Rebirth) church in Algeciras. Andrew is an elder, working with two other Spanish elders, in the overall leadership of the church. Rosalia has special responsibilities for coordinating the social care ministry, and also helped develop a growing children's ministry in the church. In addition, both seek to be involved in personal evangelism, which includes church events, but also visition, sharing with friends etc. They have two daughters, Rebecca and Natalie.
We have been encouraged recently to see a growth in the number of unbelievers coming along to church on Sunday, as well as other contacts that have developed. As we continue to look to the future, there are three projects that we are looking to develop during 2013 and beyond, for which we would value prayer.
The first is the setting up of a local association, which would give us a legal platform to develop more ministries as a church, especially as we seek to reach out even more into the surrounding community.
Secondly, through Baptist Missions, we are hoping to begin a year team in October 2013. Our vision is that each year these teams would run from October to mid-way through July (ending their time together with the summer teams that come). They will give an opportunity from young folk from churches around Ireland to come and participate with us here, experience something of cross-cultural missions, receive training in different areas of ministry, as well as being involved locally in a variety of evangelistic outreaches.
Thirdly, is the setting up of what we call a “Circulo de Predicadores” (Preachers’ Circle), with a view to developing and promoting expository preaching, a tremendous need throughout the Spanish Church. In this first stage, we hope to have participants from each of the 5 FIEIDE churches in Cádiz province. This is a good example of how we still see ourselves as working in a team with the Reids, despite their move to Barcelona. Andrew is the national coordinator for this movement, and so his work from Barcelona helps us directly in our on-going work with the church here in the south.

Jessica McMaster (Northern Ireland)

Jessica was saved as a young child and grew up with a desire to serve God. After completing the C4C course at the Training Academy, Jessica is now a full time worker for Coaching4Christ mainly in the Ballyclare area.

Marian & Barbara Moisevici (Romania)

In September 2016 the Moisevici family moved to serve God in Romania alongside the charity, Real Hope. The charity is connected with a Children's centre, boarding schools and they also have a flat where they currently provide support for three men. Along with their four children, Andrei, Sebi, Luca and Casi, Marian and Barbara work in the area of Brasov.