Late teens & Twenties

Late teens & 20s group exists to strengthen our faith together through meaningful fellowship based on God’s Word. It is for anyone aged 16 and over and since there are a few hangers on in their 30s, there’s no upper age limit either, despite our name!

Our basic structure is that we meet as large group for mainly social reasons but sometimes have a speaker along, and alongside that small groups meet regularly to read and study the Bible together. The small groups made up of one slightly more mature Christian and some younger ones, therefore what we want to encourage is mentor/mentee relationships. We believe that learning from older Christians is a biblical essential for a healthy church and is modelled for us often in scripture.

So if you want to get connected to a group of young adults who enjoy food, fellowship, and fun, contact Niall on 07974 818292 and keep checking this website for upcoming events.